Our Team

John R. “Rick” Phillips

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

John R. “Rick” Phillips began his career as a Law Enforcement Specialist upon graduation from the United States Army Military Police Basic Course in 1972. During Rick’s career as a Military Policeman, he served as a Nuclear Security Specialist participating in, planning and executing security operations both overseas and in the United States at normal military installations as well as special facilities that stored and transported nuclear weapons. Rick was later promoted to Law Enforcement Command where he supervised patrol operations and a Tactical Response Unit. After completing his military service, he pursued a career in law enforcement that included training and application in both Patrol and Investigative roles before moving to the private sector.   After serving in a Senior Management position with a national corporate  security  firm for 8 years, Rick founded The Phillips Group, Inc. in 1990. Operating on an International level, this firm provided a full range of Corporate Security Services to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Since 1994, Rick has been associated with several venture capitalist groups regarding the due diligence and acquisition processes of various international concerns. Upon acquisition, Rick reviews and establishes the security protocols and serves as the external CSO until divestiture.

Rick also assisted in the initial planning and implementation of security at the Georgia International Horse Park, site of the 1996 Olympic Equestrian Venue. Rick has provided personal security and risk management services to retired high-ranking military personnel, a former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

Rick now consults with a select clientele in the Public Utility, Chemical and Steel Industries on matters of internal security and employee misconduct investigations. Rick also leads one of the Nation’s Premiere Special Operations Units, working with companies on various Special Security needs.

Rick is a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS), Physical Security Manager (PSM), a Maritime Security Manager (MSM) certified by the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board, and a Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies certified Classroom and Firearms Instructor. Rick provides training in both the Public Safety and Private Security Communities on matters of Corporate Security, Specialized Security and Counter-Terrorism  measures.

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Cody Cobb

V.P./Critical Infrastructure Assessment & Special Investigations

Cody Cobb is a graduate of the Physical Security Training Program taught by the Department of Homeland Security and the Executive Protection Course taught by the internationally known Executive Protection Institute (EPI). Cody obtained his Georgia Police Certification in 2006 and has a total of 13 years of law enforcement and private security experience. Cody is currently completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration which he has remained committed to while maintaining full-time employment.

Cody holds certifications with the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board as a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) and a Certified Physical Security Manager (PSM). Cody has performed physical security and critical infrastructure assessments for Fortune 500 energy and specialized chemical companies and is well versed in tactical planning and operations, security planning and operations, executive protection/personal security details, risk reduction, pre-planning, resource management, and incident command management.

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Lloyd Gibson

Director of Labor Dispute Security

Lloyd Gibson has 27 years experience in Labor Strike Security. Lloyd has served as Project Manager on over 80 labor projects ranging in size from 6 to 311 security personnel and has performed more then 250 site security surveys.

Lloyd was employed for 22 years with Vance International, Asset Protection Team, Inc. While at APT, he served as a Senior Project Manager, Senior Evidence Coordinator and served 5 years as the company lead instructor at their strike security school.

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Where We’re Licensed

Phillips Group, Inc. Is Licensed And Authorized To Provide Services In 39 States, Shaded in Burgundy Below.

In addition, Phillips Group has applied for licenses, and approval is pending, in the states indicated with burgundy stripes below. The states denoted in gray are locations with a business relationship to provide services.

License Numbers:
AL – 00069          AR – 0002636          CA – PPO17722          CT– AS-2693/A-2695
FL– A 1600262/B 1600279          GA – PDC001068/PSC002561
IN – SG21200034/PI21300011          IA – 1350          KS – A-5450         KY – 167578
LA – 851          ME – 09909007          MD – 106-4594          MA – LP0705G
MI – 3801206859          MN – 1082          MI – 2012041099         NE – 1611
NH – SA-1600          NJ – 1557          NY – 11000187584          ND – 842/440
OH – 20152100034732          OR – 70885          PA – 28MD2021         RI – 295
SC – 3001       TN – 13107
TX – C18925  – 125 East Doyle Street, Toccoa, GA 30577
VT – 044.0132661IS        VA – 11-7825         WA– 912         WV – 35032
WI – 16915-62


*Licensed in some jurisdictions as Phillips & Associates Inc. of Georgia, JRP Security, and PAI Security Group.