Security Consulting

A wide range of issues are considered when conducting a risk assessment. A threat analysis looks at potential and possible threats directed against your company. These issues include the potential for threats such as corporate espionage, theft, and workplace violence. Our vulnerability analysis looks at how successful any potential threat would be against you or your company. The threat and vulnerability analysis can be conducted discretely and can assist you in your corporate security planning.

When conducting Security Surveys, we assess all components of your business, looking for weaknesses that threaten not only your property and personnel, but also your bottom line. Once identified, we assist you with corrective action. From writing policy to hiring or contracting outside security, we assist until the problems are resolved, and we stand by our recommendations.

If the need arises, we can place one of our project managers at your disposal to assist you in system design, procurement and quality control. We work with you as if it was our own problem.